Harmony HUB as IR emitter

Sorry posting this again hope more users like to have this…Besides activities sync which BTW works great, Another great feature which I think will drive more and more users towards RR is if we can call device level commands from RR using the Harmony Hub as a IR transmitter this add-on will be fantastic and will let us ditch Harmony app all together. This will surely replace RR IR blaster which is not being manufactured anyway and Global Cache as well. I am sure all of us using RR would have a hub or two I have 4 hubs and if we get this capability good buy Harmony app…besides providing great flexibility

The Harmony Hub is generally much more expensive than Global Caché adapters. The GC adapters are definitely still being manufactured, are inexpensive, of excellent quality, have numerous additional configuration options over the Harmony Hub, even supporting serial and relay, and on and on. We continue to recommend them for all users needing infrared or serial control.

I actually think that this specific request was not even possible via the API or only a subset of it would be possible making the implementation very confusing for end users, so exactly which set of users this would benefit is unclear. It’s a very small slice (those without GC adapters) of a small slice (those who have parallel deployments of Harmony Hubs). It’s not that it’s a bad idea, but realistically I can’t see prioritizing this because of API limitations and the inexpensive availability of quality adapters.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts if there are API challenges then yes it’s a no go…however Harmony Hub is at $99 MSRP but most of the times on sale at $69, and with a hard remote $129, $99 street price. Also I think almost all of us tech geeks using RR would have Harmony remote as a hard remote device for the non tech house hold members as such if there was a possibility to use the hub as IR command emitter at the press of a button in RR it will 100% replicate the hard remote functions in RR…for instance devices with no IP control say a non smart TV devices we can control using activity sync…but if we have to say increase vol we have a create a dummy activity in Harmony and sync that to an activity in RR, and to decrease volume another activity…list goes on change channel etc…if it was possible to send these IR commands via HUB we don’t need to create so many activities in Harmony…finally GC is great extension to RR but not a hard remote replacement for IR devices