HD Guide Pack issue

Been using Roomie for almost a year great app. However suddenly the HD guide pack became " disabled" some how. It fails to reinstall via the link to Roomie store in the app. The download icon in the upper left corner of the I touch flashes like its trying to download, but it never seems to complete. just remains on the Roomie store page with the “restore purchases” button and still no guide. All the in app apps indicate “installed” under intensified. What’s the fix?

Sounds a bit like your iOS device had trouble connecting to the App Store which happens from time to time. First, just try again a bit later. If all else fails and you’ve tried the ‘Restore Purchases’ button, re-installing the app from the App Store should always resolve it. (assuming your iOS device is talking to the App Store of course)

Thanks. btw that device is jailbroken but thats nothing new to it and its been running just fine for months j/b.