HD Homerun Integration


I’ve recently purchased an Apple TV to use as a central hub. I’ve two questions that I’d appreciate your guidance on:

  1. I know the Simple Control TV app needs to be running in the forground, but is it possible to configure the Apple TV to just run the app and to ideally boot to this app, in case there is a power cut etc?

  2. I also have a HD Homerun device and have read that this can be integrated with the Simple Control TV app on the Apple TV, I can’t however find how do do this in the user guide. Could you provide any pointers?

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  1. Yes, in tvOS 10.2, Apple introduced a new feature called “Single App Mode” to lock the device to a specific app.

  2. Add the device normally. Make sure you set a provider for it and configure a guide as you would normally do. Open the Simple Home dashboard and tap the “Watch Live TV” button.

Hey @Will_Price how does one use this Single App Mode for tvOS. I just bought a second ATV 4K to use as a hub and I see no settings to use single app mode. I can’t find any videos showing how on google

You turn it on in a config profile and deploy that to the device. It’s easy, but not in the menus. You’ll need to look it up for the details.

What if i dont have a mac to use the apple configurator to deploy a config profile to the apple tv to set single app mode? I noticed there are other MDM solutions that will do a similar thing. Do you know of a free one that would work? What did you use, Apple configurator?


Sounds more like an Apple Support question. There are lots of ways to configure tvOS Profiles. Configurator is the most simple I would think.