HDFury Device Support?

Hey, how can we get for HDFury switchers added? They offer full IP, IR, & rs232 support. They uploaded the codesets to the harmony system, but it doesn’t look like they’ve done so here.

In the attached zip, their IP & rs232 instructions are included (and incredibly simple to follow). I tried to add my device via the custom devices in Roomie, but I’m not sure how to tell if I’m sending the basic IP commands. Adding the code sets seem easy enough, but setting up Roomie isn’t straight forward (and several Google searches didn’t help).

Any support would be appreciated!

VRRoom_FW_33.zip (403.7 KB)

This looks totally straightforward. The commands are there in the file with “ip” in the title. The connection type would be Telnet. The codes can then just be pasted right into the Custom Code Sets editor. Not sure what advice to give since this isn’t a strange case, very generic. Also, entering the codes can be fully analyzed/debugged live using the pinch to zoom log, and tested ahead of time using a normal telnet connection to their box.

I’m not entirely sure why I can’t make it work, but if you’d be able to point me in the right direction, I’d greatly appreciate it.

In Roomie settings I added a new Custom Device, and added the following-

Under Codes, there’s a + line and a - line. I am assuming the + line is the label, and the - line is the code set command. So, I have,

(On the + line) SET tx0 INPUT 0
(On the - line) set inseltx0 0 \r

From there, I added a new Device in Roomie. I set it up to use this HDFury custom device and setup the IP and port correctly. And I set it up to connect via telnet. I can access the device just fine at this internal IP, and know it’s correct.

Then when I test the device in Roomie, and click the “SET tx0 INPUT 0” button, nothing happens. I know you mentioned a pinch to zoom log, but I don’t now where that is.

At this point, I’m at a loss as to how to progress further. If I could get the above command to work at the very least, I’d be able to figure out the rest. But without a guide, or help, I’m stuck.

You need to use Telnet+Linefeed then it will work. It took me countless hours to figure it out.

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Thank you. I will give that a shot.

Can you post any screenshots or details on the rest of your settings for the HDFury if they differ from what I wrote above? Or if they’re the same, then all good.

Unfortunately, there’s little documentation from HDFury to support me here. So any help would be appreciated.

Here you go.

Good Luck!

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Using the Export option on that page would be the much more direct way of doing that.

Will’s correct, an export would be ideal. That said, your formatting appears no different than what I posted above, and have been trying. And aside from originally not using the Protocol - Telnet + Linefeeds (which I’ve since switched to doing).

As it sits, I’m unable to get the device to respond to any commands. IP is correct, port is default at 2222. I don’t know what else to try, but would appreciate testing your exported device to see if that’d help tell me what I’m doing wrong.

Unless Will has any ideas.

I greatly appreciate the help regardless! Thank you.

I am on port 2210 .
Try that .

Here is export . Sorry for delay export was not working from iPhone . Just iPad .

I’m not seeing any attachment. Maybe I’m missing something?

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Thanks a ton for this!

So, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why yours is working on the same exact commands, IP, port, whereas mine won’t. I wonder if maybe setting up a custom device for a connection type of one method, then changing it caused an issue. I guess I should have scrapped my custom device and started over.

But, I’ve confirmed that your commands and settings are exactly the same as mine. In fact, what I originally wrote above is exactly what you have (aside from the switch I made to telnet+linefeeds). I even switched the port to 2210 and still no go.

Regardless, your config worked immediately. So for that, thank you!

@Will_Price, you should be good to add this to the next Roomie release for all HDFury products as it works (although doesn’t include 100% of the commands available). But nonetheless, this would have saved me a ton of time as is. Also, the default port is 2222, but anyone should be able to figure out how to adjust. Now that this is sorted, my next request for a new product in Roomie will be the MadVR video processor, but more on that later…

@nhollis thanks again! I very much appreciate this help.

aziko, I’ve already started building a list of commands for the MadVR Envy. I just need to complete them and do some testing.

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Any chance you could share an export as is? I’d love to have what limited support I can get for now. Also, any advice on which protocol you used would be of help as I wasn’t clear on this.

Really appreciate your help!

I’ve been adding the IP commands to Roomie but give me time to do some testing to ensure they work. If there are any specific commands you use frequently, let me know.

TBH, wake on lan, standby (and other power options), resolutions, menus, and directional buttons would be all I needed I’d imagine.

But once I see how the commands are sent, adding new ones should be easy enough.

BTW, MadVR has an IP control app you can download. If give you the IP address and MAC address for the Envy. It has some preset commands on buttons but there is a window where you can enter any command from the manual. This is an easy way to test the command format before putting it into Roomie to make sure you have the syntax correct and that it does what you want.

I don’t know how I missed that they have an app. I’ll give it an immediate look. Thanks for the heads up on the telnet+lf. I tried that (as it’s what I am using for the HDFury), but it wouldn’t work, but nor did the HDFury and all my settings were correct.

I’ll try setting it up from scratch if I don’t see your export. But w/ the HDFury, I couldn’t get it to work until I got the exported file, so I don’t know what’s going on.

I did the export but will to get it to you some other way because this forum doesn’t accept the plist file type as an attachment. Send me your email or a Dropbox link or something. I was thinking about the power commands and they may not be appearing to me to work due to the heartbeat issue. I’ll have to try testing them with a heartbeat command sent first.