HDMI CEC override?

I use HDMI CEC to power on my recriver when the TV goes on. Simplicity makes the wife happy. When I switch to Projector and turn off the TV it also turns off the receiver automatically. I end up having to send another power on to the receiver, but it’s a pain. Anybody gave a smoother way to “defeat” HDMI in particular cases such as this?

Check if there is some kind of “Power Off Control” setting for HDMI in your receiver or TV. Most Samsung TV’s and Denon receivers should have it.

I like the idea of HDMI-CEC but the implementation is often horrible, so I stopped using it. With Roomie I made it even wife proof without HDMI-CECIL.

Roomie doesn’t know the TV HDMI CEC switched off the Receiver.

I’m experimenting with a delay between turning off the TV and powering the receiver on again.

I need to override the “track power state” in Roomie. The receiver provides Power for All Activities, and the combination between that and Track Power State might be tripping me up too.

Typically, step one of any configuration is to turn off any HDMI CEC (Anynet, Bravia Sync, VIERA Link, etc.) related features on any device you own. HDMI CEC is almost universally a disaster and except in very few cases (eg Google Chromecast) is much more likely to cause problems than solve them. Given the existence of a real control system like Roomie, you would usually not want to leave HDMI CEC settings turned on.

Thank you.

Yep - but the Tivo remote that powers on the TV and the amplifier is really key. My alternative option is for the Tivo remote to only turn on the television and to use the internal speakers instead. If anything is a worse disaster than CEC it’s internal speakers. :slight_smile:

Having said that, Marantz and Panasonic work flawlessly together over HDMI CEC. Cool!