HDMI CEC / RIHD with Onkyo and LG TV

I have an Onkyo TX-NR515 and an LG46LD550 TV. I’ve connected the receiver to the TV via HDMI, and have enabled RIHD in the receiver.

I don’t know that I am getting proper CEC control over the setup, and I’m wondering if and how it is possible?

At the moment, I can turn the TV off, and the receiver shuts itself off automatically. I think this is due to the auto-shutdown option found in the receiver, and not through CEC / RIHD functionality.

I’d like to have the whole setup work from one button though. Is it possible to turn the TV on, and have the receiver automatically turn on? Or, when the receiver turns on, automatically turn the TV on?

Is this how it is supposed to work?

Thank you!

CEC is a beast unto itself, so we’d first caveat that everything we say is something you should verify and may not work or may be wrong. That’s not how we normally like to do support, so it’s an important preface. CEC just isn’t reliable in the general case.

Meanwhile, the Onkyo receiver commands include the “TV” set. So if everything on the TV and receiver is setup properly, you would issue the command “TV POWER ON” to the Onkyo which would then be able to turn on the TV. You can then also use TV POWER OFF and the various other commands in the TV group to control other aspects of the TV via IP from Roomie to the Onkyo.

Makes sense. I think I have everything configured how it should be. I really don’t see anything on the TV as far as a configuration though, so I’m worried that maybe LG has made their SimpLink thing proprietary and useless.

I tried the TV commands, including TV ON, TV OFF, TV Power Toggle. None of those did anything.

I suppose the most reliable alternative would be to go Serial2IP on the TV, and just control power on/off that way as a discreet device.