HDMI over IP

Looking to dive into HDMI over IP. Has anyone had good success with integrating Roomie with an HDMI over IP system (not HDBase T)? If so, what are you using?

I used Atlona PRO3 until 2019, but that’s more of a matrix and I’m not sure they really push that anymore. The newer Omnistream line seems so commercial-oriented that I haven’t researched it enough to see if it could be viable in a home environment. We have great control over PRO3.

I recently added support for Savant’s IP video distribution. It’s all controlled by Roomie though. This is why I added SSH support. Basically it uses SSH into the Savant Host. I don’t think I would recommend this path as a solution to an IP video requirement unless you have some other reason you have to use Savant or for instance you’re creating a migration path away from Savant. In that scenario, I could write up tips on the SSH and Automator scripts I use to take over the system.

I would be very interested to hear about other systems that work well. I would like to try an IP video product that was a pure solution. Wasn’t there something from SnapAV/Binary?

I have a close friend who does home automation (too expensive to use for me). In his top 5 is the MoIP from Binary. Crestron, AV Pro #2, and Elan are his other favorites but I think those are all proprietary. I’ve had good luck with HDBaseT from Binary. Would love if we could integrate with MoIP.

I got this response from Just add Power when fishing around…just passing the info. No experience with
"We do not have turn-key integration at this time. If you have a contact at Roomie Remote, we would be willing to discuss cooperative integration.
Here is some info on what would be required:

AMP Standards: JPSW Matrix Control - Just Add Power Support
Here are our current control options:
AMP VLAN - Just Add Power Support

Best Regards,"

I’ll look into Pro3


Blustream do a very capable video over IP system using multicast. The IP200UHD system is easy to setup and reliable. Control via drag&drop TV app works well too.

Full API available as well for integration.

Is this currently controllable by Roomie?

Building a custom home and do not want to utilize proprietary AV solutions like Control 4 or Elan. The only hang up is the AV switcher. Good HDBaseT options (pro3 is discontinued) but HD over IP seems to be the more modern tech to use.

Binary has IP options (but expensive) but can I assume Roomie will be able to control this? Roomie certainly worked well with my binary HDBaseT system.

All other options are appreciated.


I don’t have any particularly helpful information YET but I recently invested in Wyrestorm’s NetworkHD 500 series and it seems to work beautifully as a 4K60 4:4:4 many-to-many IP distribution solution. (Make sure you get a certified switch for your video network to avoid problems)

But I’m in the early throes of configuring Roomie for our new home and plan to experiment with Wyrestorm integration. They have a very robust telnet/SSL/SSH API + image preview API (for seeing current sources) that I will be trying out.
Wyrestorm NetworkHD API

They do have a really nice native iOS transmitter/receiver mapping app, and also offer iOS deep linking, so an easier implementation may be putting a “Map Sources” button in Roomie and calling it a day. FYI, the deep linking url scheme for their app is nhdtouch://

When I get around to experimenting a bit deeper, I’ll report back and would be happy to share the custom code sets. Cheers!

That API link didn’t work. But their marketing materials do look like it’s a serious contender. If they have a good API, I might be interested in moving that forward.

Weird, the link seems to work for me. Go to this page: Product Resources - WyreStorm
Click NetworkHD AV over IP on the left nav and pick NetworkHD API doc - there’s a bunch of other good resources on there also.

One feature which I think might take some extra work on your side is the Video Preview Streams API (page 57 in the API doc) which is http/https based but it returns the video stream in MJPEG. So if you were to add MJPEG support for Roomie you could build a really nice low latency live preview of the available sources.

Broadly, we already have MJPEG support, but it’s for video cameras. Anyway, if we had test units, I’m sure we could make something really awesome. I may look into it. I’m at CES right now, but they don’t seem to be here. Hopefully won’t have to wait until CEDIA to find a contact.

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