HDTV Supply 4x4 HDMI Matrix (HDTV4x4CATE)

If anyone has the HDTV4x4CATE HDMI matrix from HDTV Supply, using the monoprice 4x4 matrix device in the database works to control the hdtv supply matrix over serial. Tested it over a GC-100 and work perfectly. These devices look identical so probably made by the same OEM.

  • It is possible they OEM from the same supplier. I use KVMSwitchTech for all my HDMI Matrix needs. Being an installer I use quite a few HDMI Matrix Switch units. I can tell you this much that this Company by far has the best quality products on the market. The have some Matrix units with fast speed start feature so switching time between ports is less than 2 secs which is great ad all my customers love it.