HDTV Supply 6x6 Matrix Switcher

I just bought a 6x6 matrix switcher from HDTV Supply - model number HDTVMT0606140. It has an ethernet port and I am able to control it over the LAN, but when I try to add the device in Roomie, I don’t see any models that come close to this particular unit. Any ideas or suggestions for how I might control the switcher with IP (I’d prefer this over IR control).

Searched this forum and the 'net but haven’t found a solution yet.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

I bought ax 8x3 from hdtv supply, I just had roomie learn the ir from the supplied remote. Works like a charm!

OR you could attempt to create your own device using Roomie’s DDK (Device Development Kit) documentation found here: http://www.roomieremote.com/support/#customDevice

I had to add more serial commands, in order for roomie to work the way I wanted, for one of my AV devices. I realize Serial and http commands are different beasts; but my point in sharing this with you is because I had absolutely NO experience editing files in Xcode, prior to roomie; but with a bit of help form Roomie Support, I was able to add the additional commands I needed in no time.

Hope this helps!