Headless Apple TV Control Possible?

I have a whole-house audio system that we use pretty often. I currently stream music from Pandora, Amazon Prime Music, etc. from an iPad/iPhone to AirportExpress -> Denon AVR Zone 2 -> Aton DLA6 speaker zone controller. I control this from iRule on the iOS device and, since that solution is going away I’d like to move to SimpleControl. I’d also like to avoid the round trip wireless traffic (internet to iOS device, iOS device back to AirportExpress) by replacing the AirportExpress with an AppleTV.

So my question is: Can I control the Apple TV without needing to see the display output from the ATV? Can I use SC to 1. Turn on ATV, Select streaming app, and then control streaming app from SC?

I know that I can control the Denon AVR and the Aton DLA6, so the only thing that’s not obvious is the ATV control.

Forgive me if this is documented somewhere, and feel free to redirect me.