Help Guide / XBMC

Is there a manual or online guide anywhere ?

secondly, how does one set up Roomie to control XBMC ? I can’t seem to get it to work…

We are working on a new set of Tutorial videos, but meanwhile the existing Tutorial video is still a great intro to setup:

XBMC is fairly manual with or without Roomie. The only real question though in general is what port you have yours running on. That’s something you setup in your XBMC configuration. Plex and Boxee are examples of XBMC implementations that are much simpler to integrate.

Getting Roomie to control Plex was fairly simply (although I did not really know what I was doing), but can roomie launch PLEX? I would really like to push my PLEX activity button and have Roomie launch PLEX from Finder in OSX