Help Needed to create a Custom Serial Device

Hello All,

I’m having difficulty trying to create a new Custom Serial Device in the App. I have the code set from Sim2 for my projector but I’m obviously doing something wrong as I’m not able to get it to work. I’m more than willing to compensate whomever is willing to help me with this!



Post the info and what you have.

Will, If you can show me how to enter just one of the commands correctly, I don’t mind doing the “work”. When I get to the Codes section, I’m assuming that the Name of the Command such as “POWER ON” goes in the slot where the + sign is and the actual code in the - sign slot but I dunno…

Here’s what Sim2 says is the code for POWER ON (set to HDMI Input 2)
BE EF 02 06 00 B3 5 4 01 00 0 00

If there’s an easy way for you guys to add it, I’d happily send you the entire PDF document and pay you guys…

If you post the info, I’ll take a look at it. That sample is not “the info”. When I say that, I mean the whole thing. The first stuff you would need is everything other than the code that explain what to do with the code and the formatting.

Here’s what I have from Sim2. This one is for the Mico 150S. I’m not sure that the copy and paste is going to work correctly so I’ll email a copy of the PDF file to support. Thanks!

[unreadable paste redacted]

Custom Code Set: Sim2
Method: binary

Code Format is (this is the 0/On/Input code):

Easily created right inside the app. Make sure to use the right names like “POWER ON” above. Format the other codes the same way.

Thank you very much Will. I’m looking forward to making this work!