Help with list for Lyngdorf TDAI 3400 - Telnet with linefeed

Very new to RoomieRemote

I wanted to add a custom device manually and did this in the app and it worked for a couple of commands, but I want to create a new device through import so that I can get all the commands. I have started to create a posit using the base ip template but I don’t’ know how to set the name of the device correctly nor how to specify tenet+linefeed.

Secondly, when I want to add button that sets a value, say set volume value, do I add ## to cover the number of digits to add? I have an example in my xml below.

Finally, I wanted to ask about the keys with a ‘.’ . Are they available to be read to that the result could be displayed on the remote - so .INPUTSTATUS could be displayed to show the input that is currently selected on the device? I’ve not started looking at how to make an actual remote for the device yet!

Anyway, I’ve pasted my simple plist xml below.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">
		<key>brand</key><string>Lyngdork TDAI 3400</string>
        <key>cat</key><string>AV System</string>
		<key>.INPUT STATUS</key><string>!SRCNAME?</string>
		<key>.MODE STATUS</key><string>!VOINAME?</string>
		<key>.MUTE STATUS</key><string>!MUTE?</string>
		<key>.POWER STATUS</key><string>!PWR?</string>
		<key>.VOLUME SET</key><string>!VOL(###)</string>
		<key>.VOLUME STATUS</key><string>!VOL?</string>
		<key>MUTE OFF</key><string>!MUTEOFF</string>
		<key>MUTE ON</key><string>!MUTEON</string>
		<key>POWER OFF</key><string>!OFF</string>
		<key>POWER ON</key><string>!ON</string>
		<key>PREVIOUS SOURCE</key><string>!SRCDN</string>
		<key>NEXT SOURCE</key><string>!SRCDN</string>
		<key>VOLUME UP</key><string>!VOLUP</string>
		<key>VOLUME DOWN</key><string>!VOLDN</string>

Either you create it in the Custom Devices section inside the app which is very straightforward and you got working, or you need the DDK instructions from the Knowledge Base which answers your questions, that’s the old way of creating Custom Devices. Probably simpler would be to use Roomie on macOS where you could paste codes from a document, etc. more easily.