Help with V5 Custom Code Set-


I managed to get my HDMI Switcher working via editing and syncing the plist files and icloud in v4.5

I am trying to get the same switcher working in V5, but I think I am missing a crucial step(s). Here’s what I am doing.

  1. Using Xcode to edit the RoomieCodes.plist file as before. All files are in the Simple Control icloud folder.

  2. Unzipping using the Mac operating system.

  3. Using BBEdit to copy the codes from RoomieCodes.plist into the correct section as per the DDK instruction (i.e. between [dict] and [/dict]) in the unzipped SimpleControlBackup file

  4. Here’s where I think the problem is … when I save the file in BBEdit, it saves it as a txt file … even when I specify no file extension. I am unable to save it as a plist file.

  5. I then zip up the SimpleControlBackup file.

  6. I go to the iPad and Simple Control … Settings … restore from iCloud.

  7. Unfortunately, none of the changes are in my custom code sets. Only the old switcher that I created in V4 is there.

Any suggestions / feedback or guidance would be really appreciated


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Thanks KolyaY - gave me clarity on setup of file.

Stupid mistake on my part … I was actually using the wrong iCloud account !!