HEOS Speaker User Guide

I am having some issue with my HEOS 7 speaker and I am hoping someone can help me here to figure out the issue. I can not access my favorites and streaming services like Pandora on Roomie Remote user guide. It all works fine on the HEOS app. I have added the device to Roomie and I can control it fine. I have also added my HEOS account credentials into Roomie in the device panel but apparently it is not getting validated for some reason and it does not let me access my favorites and streaming services.
At this point I am assuming the credentials are not getting validated through Roomie Remote so the access is getting rejected.

I had the same issue with my HEOS enabled Denon Receiver and the work around for that was I had to enter my credentials through the Denon avr user interface (not Roomie interface) in order to be validated and get the access.
For the HEOS 7 speaker, unfortunately the speaker does not have any user interface so I can do the same work around for the speaker.

Anyone has any idea what might be wrong?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

I was finally able to figure this out.
The issue was that HEOS does not like some characters to be used for the account password. As soon as I changed my HEOS account password and eliminated the character, I was able to login fine with Roomie.