Hidden Activities

First of all… Thank you for adding the ability to call an activity using a button… That feature adds unimaginable power to the app. There are certain things that I like to have on all of my activates such as audio control, video control, lighting control. Now I can just make a popup activity for each of those things and add a button to call the popup in every remote… Its easy and clean…

It would be nice however if you were able to hide activities because there are some activities that I just want to access via a button and not from the activity launcher.

For anyone wanting to do something similar… The way I’m getting around this right now. Is that I actually made a separate room and just keep all my popups and stuff to be used by other activities in there… It would still be nicer and a bit cleaner to be able to hide them though.


Once again thank you for the awesome update guys :slight_smile:



+1 for that, have come across the same issue

+1 for that. I just posted a question about this, but apparently I didn’t search enough before posting :frowning:

+1, this would be very useful.