Hide Guide

There are a number of threads on this topic already. It’s very easy to hide the guide. In the Guide Settings, the Guide can be enabled on per-Activity basis. That’s the gear icon at the top of the guide.

Cannot find that setting. I open room, then activity (TiVo), then choose edit, then opens with remote. At that point the guide cannot be accessed. If I do not choose edit, guide and gear box upper right say nothing abouta which activities. Does it matter that I am using only public broadcast tv? I read all threads that I could find on this topic.

Don’t click Edit. Just tap the Guide gear button you see. Then at the top will appear a new button called Guide Setup. Tap that. The activity selection is on that panel.

OK, found it, thanks. Separately, after thrashing around in frustration trying to remove channels from the list of selected channels as a mistaken way of getting rid of the guide, I am embroiled in another problem. I think I’ll try submitting a Support Request on this one because it is not of general interest. It involves a sudden strange failure of the TiVo activity to turn on when commanded.