Higher end Pioneer Elite receivers

I would like to see IP support for the higher end Pioneer Elite receivers like the new SC-LX901. There is a lot of love for the lower end, but not any for the more expensive one. Thanks and keep up the good work.

We haven’t gotten into all the details of the new Pioneer models enough to add them to the compatibility list yet. However, they are essentially Onkyo receivers now post-acquisition. Adding them using Manual IP on port 60128 like an Onkyo has been working fine according to support tickets.

Thank you.

Will thanks for the fast response. That little trick didn’t work. I hope you guys get a chance to get into the details of these new products soon.

I was wonder if these AVR’s were ever really added for support? Because I just purchased a SC LX801 and it shows up on the supported list but it will not add as a new device.

Is there a work around I have yet to try the work around from above that was said to not work.


Note that a random comment in the forum saying something didn’t work should not be taken as indicative of anything. This is a user forum with no official support presence, we don’t come in here and delete anything that’s incorrect. My statement above from a year ago is known to work for exactly these models and we get users in support all the time with that and similar Pioneer models. Works every time.

As a reminder, support is contacted via the button in the app.

Yes I got the work around to work using the Onkyo info. But the buttons don’t match up with the 901. I’m not sure what sparked this email it’s been over 6 months. Thanks

Manolito Jones

I am sorry my question was not in malice I was merely stating I had not tried it yet.

I now look forward to trying the work around!

I do have a question for you Will. This device is listed as a supported device, it states it supports auto recognition but it simply does not auto recognize. My question is, is there an update that will support this device in the near future?