Hold & Release on/off for masking system

I have an IR-controlled screen masking system for which I have imported all the necessary commands into Roomie. Is there a way to continue transmitting a specific command as long as a button is being pressed (and stop transmission on release)?

I’ve maxed the retransmit count, but I still just get a ‘blip’ of the actuators.

Thanks for any advice you can give.


FWIW, great app!


Sure, just open the Remote Design from the Edit mode of the Activity and change the command for the button to a “Repeat Command” setting of “While Touched”.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

I’m definitely getting closer to what I need, but the ‘While Touched’ option is greyed out for the device I want to control (masking). This device was a custom IR import, so do I need to do something with the definition to enable the ‘while touched’ capability?



While Touched is always grayed out if you’re editing an Activity Start Command list. You’re talking in your message about a button not an Activity. If you want a command to continue transmitting for an Activity, you could choose a fixed duration to repeat the command, but that isn’t the same as a button you can hold down as you have on the Virtual Remote.