Home Wi-Fi Network Not Detected

I just upgraded Roomie Remote to multi-home because I also have a condo, but now I’m getting this message keep popping up: Home Wi-Fi network not detected. Activate a VPN for Remote Access. I think that even though my WiFi is working fine, and even though I have the current house set correctly, it is trying to connect to the other activities for some reason. Is there a setting to tell it to ignore all but the selected Home? It’s annoying that this message always pops and if you go to the main menu, the top item shows ‘Offline’ even though I am connected to my local network and can control my local devices. I’m using an iPad Mini 4 running 15.4.1 as the normal controller.

Each home has a “Wi-Fi SSID” setting. If a home is the Active Home, the current Wi-Fi SSID must equal that Wi-Fi SSID setting. If it does not, you get notified.

Or you can just disable all of that by setting the field to blank as documented.

Thanks. That was way too easy.