Homebar activities and device levels

I have some homebar scenes that are configured to also show in room. The scenes track device status successfully unless a device level is adjusted.

I understand the potential rationale behind that (“the device levels no longer mirror the original scene so that scene is no longer ‘on’”)

My question is, can we have a an option where a scene considered “on” if ANY devices are on at ANY level?

Roomie 6.2 and ISY 994 (5.0.16)


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+1 for this. Philips hue app acts like this. If any light in a room is on, the whole room is on. The good thing about this, is if you have some of the lights on in a room, if I want to turn off the lights, I have to turn all the lights on first through Roomie in order to turn them off again. That is why I usually do this through the Philips hue app.