Homebar control over Insteon FanLinc and Somfy MyLink

I’m considering buying the Somfy MyLink to more easily control my shades through SC 5.5. I’m aware that MyLink is supported by 5.5 but I wanted to confirm if its compatible with Homebar (given that it doesn’t provide status updates)?

On a similar note, is there any way to have Insteon FanLinc fan’s controlled via the Homebar?

myLink does go on the Homebar, but as noted in the materials for 5.5, it remembers state internally to Simple Control. So if you change the shade state with an RTS remote or something like that, it will be out of sync. If that’s fine, use a Homebar Scene. If not, use an Inline Toggle Activity.

Thanks Will. Yes, I had read that in the materials but I recall in a previous forum post you’d said that you wouldn’t integrate Somfy to the Homebar if it didn’t return the live state so just wanted to confirm it was definitely possible.

In terms of the FanLinc’s, is there any way to get them in the Homebar or will they always have to be Inline Toggle Activties?