HomeKit Discussion + Questions + Issues

We’re excited about SimpleControl v5! First of all, great work with the UI. It’s more intuitive than ever, and setup is a cinch compared to the manual labor of previous versions. I’ve been testing it out for a week or so, and have run into some brick walls. I’ll likely post multiple topics to cover other feedback/questions that aren’t about HomeKit.

  1. How often are HomeKit devices synchronize? Is it possible to force a sync without turning sync off/on? I couldn’t find another way to add a device I recently changed on the Home app other than that.

  2. Is it in your vision of the future to have the ability to change the category of smart home devices from HomeKit? I have a light switch that SC categorized as a Switch rather than a Light, and thus separated it from the general lighting popup panel from the bar on the bottom. It’s now under the “switches” option…
    **More into this: HomeKit devices are automatically categorized on iOS…For example, I installed a Leviton HomeKit Smart Switch, and iOS labeled it as a “Switch” (even though it’s a light switch, and should theoretically be categorized as a light). This label of “Switch” persisted through to Simple Control EVEN after I changed the device type in iOS Home App.

  3. Can you help elaborate further on the “Synchronize HomeKit” settings menu toggle? What’s the difference between ‘Synchronize All’ and ‘Synchronize Home’?

  1. HK Sync is on launch, and also on demand when an event occurs if the app is running. So if you go add something on your iPad, and SC is running on your phone, you should see it right away for instance. If you’re unsure, it is safe to turn it off and on to force a full sync. Any commands/triggers programmed for those devices will not be deleted and will be re-matched when turned back on.

  2. Probably. There are some weird devices like the case you mention that could be useful to reclassify from light to switch or vice versa. We’ll probably provide a way to override that.

  3. For instance, someone I know granted me access to their home. I have access to several homes. But I do not want any of those in my SC configuration except my own. For that scenario, we provide the ability to scope the sync to one particular home or every home associated with your iCloud account.

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Hey Will,
I’d really like to have a way to re-classify a light to switch or vice versa.
I currently have a WeMo power switch that I use to control a set of string lights.
I’d like to be able to move them from the switches category to the light category.


Glad to hear. I would appreciate the ability to change type for HK devices. This would improve and further complete the 360 degree integration in lots of our use cases. The important part, is that it works really well so far. Cheers.

Do I have to share my HK home with anyone who is invited to access my SC? And Can HK be synced directly with ATV as a hub instead of the user handheld devices(i.e. iphone)?