Homekit Scenes in Simple Control

One of the cool advantages of HomeKit, as it gains traction, is the ability to incorporate devices from different companies and protocols (hub based, Wifi, Bluetooth to ATV) into scenes that can then be controlled via Siri and HomeKit automation. It would be great if these HomeKit Scenes were also exposed in Simple Control so they can be controlled from activities, etc. without having to re-create them in SC too.



I wanted to add more context to this and a new scenario. We’ve made the decision in our household to remove all but Siri as a voice control. I think it would be fantastic if we could use HomeKit scenes as triggers in Simple Control. Then I can talk to Siri “Hey Siri, Let’s watch a movie” and have that trigger an activity in Simple Control. We’re literally down to being 100% HomeKit in our new home build and I see this as the easiest way to achieve this with what is available in IOS today. Otherwise I have to create a kludge in homebridge with fake switches (which I’d like to eliminate) or buy cheap homekit wi-fi plug in modules and turn those on and off as triggers to achieve this. Of course if I’m missing another way of doing this, please advise.

My advice: whatever you do, don’t use Homebridge. A bunch of users say it works fine with us, but ya. Personal advice.

Anyway, you will be able to do that kind of thing with Siri Custom Intents. You’ll be sending commands to us via Siri, and if you want to control HomeKit devices as part of that, you can. So you need to reverse your wording, but the effect is basically the same. We’re only scratching the surface of it now, but I’m excited about it and think it will be at least as capable as the Alexa integration.

Good to hear. So that’s post IOS12? All good as it sounds like it’ll do what I’m looking for. Thanks Will!