Homekit scenes

Homekit raw devices appear in Roomie Remote but should ‘Scenes’ appear?
It would be nice to hit a button in RR that than turns on 4 switches and 2 lights in homekit like you can do within homekit from the scene I setup.

That’s not a current feature. It’s on the list. Of course, all you have to do is send the commands from Roomie so the fact there is a simple workaround has kept it pretty low priority.

When you say ‘send the commands’ you mean them all individually not some funky way of sending it to the homekit scene?

Would be nice to be bumped up the list, I’m sure a lot of people would make more use of scenes then. I know it would improve the wife factor :grinning:
For now we can just shout at Siri but sometimes/most of the time I’m in the app so don’t want to shout at Siri as well :slight_smile:

A HomeKit Scene is a series of commands to HomeKit accessories. Just send the same commands from Roomie. We support HomeKit accessories directly.