Homekit Sync

Does anyone else have an issue with constantly loosing Homekit devices from their Roomie setup? I am constantly having to go to force HomeKit sync to get all my devices to show up, am I missing something? Thanks

This means the missing specific device(s) did not respond during the sync. This is usually a physical issue like devices that are too far out of range. You can see it in the Home app with a status like “Not responding”. The device will not appear in Roomie if it does not respond. So any accessory that is missing after Roomie’s sync needs to be fixed in some way.

Thanks for responding Will, my issue has been the devices are actually showing up in HomeKit even though they are not showing in Roomie. Thanks

HomeKit also displays the “Not Responding” thing. We are more deterministic than they are. If the device does not respond, we won’t import it. HomeKit will basically ignore bad device connections and only tell you if it’s really unusable. Anyway, something you need to fix.