Homekit Sync

Does anyone else have an issue with constantly loosing Homekit devices from their Roomie setup? I am constantly having to go to force HomeKit sync to get all my devices to show up, am I missing something? Thanks

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This means the missing specific device(s) did not respond during the sync. This is usually a physical issue like devices that are too far out of range. You can see it in the Home app with a status like “Not responding”. The device will not appear in Roomie if it does not respond. So any accessory that is missing after Roomie’s sync needs to be fixed in some way.

Thanks for responding Will, my issue has been the devices are actually showing up in HomeKit even though they are not showing in Roomie. Thanks

HomeKit also displays the “Not Responding” thing. We are more deterministic than they are. If the device does not respond, we won’t import it. HomeKit will basically ignore bad device connections and only tell you if it’s really unusable. Anyway, something you need to fix.

I have a similar issue as @fareedb described above. Also “Force Homekit Sync” does not always import all my homekit devices (which are all responsive in the Home app). The issue has specifically occurred with Ecobee room sensors and WeMo smart plugs.

See my previous post for an explanation of what’s going on there –– note your two examples of perhaps the most classic non-responsive items due to their Bluetooth limitation. HomeKit doesn’t really care if your device isn’t working. We need it to respond at least during sync. If one of your accessories doesn’t respond, it won’t import. If it stops responding, it will be removed from your device list, and it will be added back later on the next sync if it responds then.

Critical non-negotiable information is not provided when it doesn’t respond so it would be useless to try to import it. The typical solutions to these issues in the HomeKit world are more HomeKit repeaters such as HomePods and AppleTVs.

This is not an appropriate forum to go into detail on HomeKit connectivity issues. Safe to say that topic could fill whole search engines.

Thanks for the detailed explanation…if there is way once successfully imported into RR, these devices stay in for ever just like other direct device imports (e.g., ISY)…if something things (changes etc) happen in HomeKit they will not reflect in RR until we do a new Sync. This is the same we do in ISY…any changes made doesn’t reflect until we do a manifest update…This could be a good work as we keep losing devices that are working perfectly fine in HomeKit

One more item I hope to seek help…HomeKit devices once they show up in RR after sync…and if we uncheck in Alex visibility (don’t want to show up in Alexa) they show up again on a fresh sync…hope there is a way to uncheck permanently thx

And now I see one more issue, if we use home sharing:

Once I share the home from my main Apple ID/iPad then I go to another iPad with a different Apple ID (ID in family share) install RR, all my 90+ HomeKit devices show up perfectly fine. However as soon as l accept the share invite on the 2nd iPAD l do get all the RR activities, rooms and Device perfectly fine…however I should expect device count to be all HomeKit devices+native RR devices…but l get just RR devices and all HomeKit devices disappear. HomeKit on its own has been shared and works perfectly on both iPADS.

Anyone else seeing this?


Just a minor tweak and it works like a charm…all that we have to ensure is that HomeKit owner and RR owner are the same iPAD with same Apple ID….then you can share to other iPADs. In the past I was using iPAD 1 as owner for HomeKit and iPad 2 as owner for RR, although both had admin privileges they were not able to sync well between devices in HomeKit and RR.

With this minor change l can say “RR is the Best Home Automation APP on this Planet” none of them are even close to what one can accomplish with RR…keep up the good work !!!