HomePod Volume Support

I’m thinking of purchasing a HomePod and was wondering if volume control is support in SC?

This is one of those topics that really pushes my buttons, probably the biggest one.

While HomePod looks like a HomeKit device if you open Apple’s Home app, it is not. Apple does not include HomePod in HomeKit so apps have no way to talk to it. Apple TVs also look like HomeKit devices, but are not.

While it was worth the extensive time to solve that ourselves for Apple TV, the demand for HomePod support has been very low. Given that, we’re unlikely to do anything special for it yet.

What I imagine is happening is that HomeKit is on a 2-3 year cycle. 2018 essentially introduced nothing on the HomeKit front, just a couple of tweaks. This tells me there is a ton of new stuff coming in 2019 and hopefully Apple will coalesce all these fake HomeKit devices and fix the gaps in the API.

Ok thanks. Hopefully this time next year Apple TV and HomePod will be real HomeKit devices.