Homeseer Integation

Homeseer I have Simple Control working well with Homeseer by sending HTML commands to Homeseer from Simple Control activities.

I would like 2 way integration, i.e. be able to launch a Simple Control from Homeseer or HSTouch (Homeseer Touchpad).
I think that this is possible using the Simple Control HTTP Activity & Device Command Interface. Seems that Simple Hub & Simple Service would be needed.

Does this make sense? I am willing to purchase Simple Hub and give it a go, if it seems workable.
If it works, it would make a great Homeseer plugin.

I and many others I know second this (and have been bugging both parties for integration for years)!
Homeseer can be controlled with Json, so coming up with proper integration of a device without worrying too much about what type of device it is should be pretty doable.

The main functionality we would need is:

  • IDn ON
  • IDn OFF
  • IDn DIM LEVEL (this would work for temperature and volume also, this is how the Amazon Echo does it)
  • IDn Send Command (ASCII, Binary, HEX - for for example, somfi shades, IR commands, etc.).
  • IDn Get Status

dstein8529 would you mind post a sample how would control Homeseer from SimpleControl. I’m trying to turn the lights off when starting TV, I have HAI module installed. Greatly appreciated!