Honeywell EvoHome Heating Control


Just wondering if there is any intention to add support for heating control such as the Honeywell EvoHome system?

I can see that some work has been done by others elsewhere to try and decode the API which seems to have been successful and people have managed to interface with the system using Python and a web interface.

From what I have seen it isn’t overly complicated and is all done via HTTPS to Honeywells servers and that is then sent back to the gateway in the users home.

Even if limited functions were added to Roomie this would be great in enabling Roomie to control the entire home. Features as simple as simply being able to send the heating in to economy mode when leaving the house would be great as a single touch of a button in Roomie could power the whole house down or turn it all back on when coming home.

Here is a link to the API info I have seen: