Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostats

A few months back, Honeywell announced they were opening up the API to their Wi-Fi thermotats to developers. Any chance Roomie adds this functionality? Thanks. … opers.aspx

We have not yet looked at this one, but if there are interested parties feel free to post in this thread or click the thumbs up on the OP.

It looks like a semi-closed API open only to those willing to sign up which usually means lengthy licensing agreements. So we’d need to evaluate licensing issues before even evaluating the API.

Thank you.

I’m very interested in this too.

I just got my Honeywell thermostats installed. This is the model I have: … hermostat/

I would be more than willing to beta test this.

Oh, that would be really cool. I’m in!

I’m totally in…

Ya honeywell seem a bit more reasonably priced then nest for what I want to do, would like to see it supported.

Wondering if Roomie has had a chance to look more into this. I know Lutron is going to be able to control these thermostats with their new Smart Bridge Pro.

I’m looking for this support too.

This would be a great addition

I was looking at honeywell or nest, the problem i see is i am in the ios ecosystem. Roomie is part of that ecosystem and with it comes homekit.

I would buy a nest but they said they have no plans to ever integrate into homekit, and thus honeywell is an apple partner, I think support for this makes sense.

I would definitely like this - I have 3 honeywell thermostats I use their IOS app but would much prefer integrated into roomie

yes add me to the list of interested parties to the honeywell eve system

Okay, one more voice supporting this add. I’ve looked at the next thermostats but much prefer the Honeywell system.

Another way of adding this could be through the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro API. The Honeywell Wifi thermostats are supported with the Smart Bridge so you could add it that way.

Have now got my Honeywell Evo system installed so would really like to see this added to Roomie. The honeywell IOS app is pretty poor so not much to beat!

I’ll add my +1 here for Honeywell thermostat support as well. Thanks!

Just thought I would bump this, i know roomie gets alot of thermostat requests and cant support everyone, but i would like to see the lyric thermostat at least.

Looking at a nest i realized it likely wont be homekit compatible, but the honeywell lyric thermostat is apparently. With roomie being in the apple ecosystem i want to buy homekit products if i buy anything and with honeywell being an apple homekit partner and this thermostat supposedly supporting homekit i would like to see support for it in roomie.