How configure Motorola Cable Box

A couple of question regarding configuration of Roomie.

I’m having trouble configuring my motorola cable box. I want to turn the box on for all activities and turn off when I hit the power off key. The motorola device settings are configured set to power on for all activities. The problem is whenever I switch activities the motorola box power toggles. I expected Roomie to maintain state and not send any commands to the cable box until the off key is selected. The only work around I can think of is to create a standalone activity to enable the cable box but that kind of defeats the point of activites. Any ideas?

I haven’t been able to find any description of what the Request Conformation options does. I’ve tried setting it on and off and haven’t perceived any operational difference.

For a device only capable of Power Toggle, you would not want to set that as Power for All Activities. Normally you would set it as a Power Device for a particular activity which would be a common configuration. If instead you want it to be on for multiple Activities and then off for System Off, you’d probably want to create a System On button to toggle it on and that would serve as the counter to System Off for it.

For the Motorola DCH3200 used by Comcast, we use these commands to simulate the discrete ON and OFF:

ON: info - power - power

OFF: info - power