How do I prevent equipment powering off when I move between

It sounds like something in your configuration is marked “Power Device” in a particular Activity when it actually applies to multiple Activities. Just unset that if you have a multi-activity device.

Roomie remembers whenever it sends a Power Toggle and tracks any device as to whether it is on or off. If you start the System Off Activity, Roomie knows not to send a Power Toggle to a device that is already off. It just ignores the command and doesn’t send it (unless you disable power tracking for a given device).

Thank you.

Thanks for the reply, I noticed the Track Toggled Power does not appear on one of my devices a Velodyne Sub, is this because it does offer a Discrete On and Off button as well as a Power Toggle? Unfortunately the Power Toggle only works with my Sub. The Velodyne model I chose from the DB was not an exact model match but still controlled all of the options I needed via IR, do I need to create a custom device to get the Power Toggle tracking working?

Yes, devices that have discrete power commands are not eligible for Power Tracking. Learning the codes for your model would be a way to accomplish that.

Thank you.

Thanks for the help I have this working now.