How important is IP control of TV?

I’m in the market for a new TV and planning on integrating Roomie into my setup. It seems very few TV’s have IP control, and none have live feedback.

Is IP control important on a TV, or is having discrete power on/off and input commands enough? Especially when all that is needed from the TV is power on off, since it will stay on one input (the receiver will do HDMI switching), and won’t be used for volume.

If IP is important, do we anticipate more TVs/manufacturers be supporting it any time soon?


I am in the same situation. Discrete power on off is really important. Since I never change anything else on the tv I use a flex with 2ir plus blaster cable on a flex. The blaster is set below the tv and works great. Never fails. The other 2 ir are for appletv, etc. I use tcp for the dvrs and bluray and serial flex for a krell processor. It all works great with roomie.