How to appear dashboard screen with clock?

Hi, I used to run the app on an iPad mini 4 in foreground and i had selected the home to be able to see the clock at anytime. Now for some reason, after restarting the iPad, app is in my only room “Living Room” that has no clock in there, and when i click on the arrow on top of the screen, i doesn’t show my home anymore to click on it. It only shows the “Living Room”. How to go to home screen dashboard to view the clock? I tried so many things but wasn’t able to find it.

My recollection is that we require more than 1 room to enable a Home dashboard.

Thanks for your response Will.
I never had this problem before. I always had one room and was able to view “my home” dashboard.
So are you suggesting to create a second empty room for the Home dashboard to appear?

If my theory is correct, that would fix it yes.

Just got home and tried your solution. I confirm, after creating a second room, home icon appeared and now i can choose the home dashboard. Thanks Will.