How to configure IP2IR manually

My LAN and WLAN are on separate subnets, so the auto discovery stuff does not work. How can I add an IP2IR device manually? I bought the IR pack.


The wireless router must be configured to pass multicast traffic across the subnets if you have it configured that way. In general, in a normal configuration, your router may have options named like “Enable UPnP” or “Enable Multicast Traffic”. Those need to be turned on.

Thanks for the response. Your solution is not possible for me - I cannot route upnp, etc, between the subnets. It would be nice if you could add manual support for IP2IR sometime in the future.

In the meantime, I did find a solution which I post here in case someone else finds it useful. I temporarily put my IP2IR on my wifi network. This allowed Roomie to discover the device. I added and set up the device in Roomie. Then I saved the configuration to a plist file and edited it to change the IP address of the IP2IR device to its permanent address on the LAN. Then I moved the IP2IR back to the LAN and installed the new plist file and the IP2IR was still recognized.