How to control Sonos multi room volume?

I am new to Roomie (great product, btw). I have created a room called “Whole House” and have added all of my Sonos devices (4 of them) and then grouped them which Roomie seems to remember. Problem is that I can only seem to get Roomie to control volume for one of them instead of the group. I want a Listen To Sonos action for the Whole House room. Just so you know 2 of the Sonos devices are connected to Denon receivers which are also controlled but I have used Roomie to preset the volume of these and was intending to leave them alone and just change volume via Sonos commands. Any ideas?

The Sonos app has a screen that presents one slider that tries for the most part to affect all of your Sonos devices in some relative way. We don’t try to do that, and frankly it works marginally at best in the Sonos app.

What you can do with Roomie is put all of the sliders for all of your Sonos devices in a Remote Design and they will all be live reflecting the current volume for each device and allowing you to adjust each as needed.

Thank you.

I absolutely love roomie but have found that the Sonos App is a great user interface. I use Roomie to turn on the receivers etc and then use the URL Scheme to call up the Sonos app and go from there. If I am using a Sonos zone that is not tied to a receiver, i.e., the Sonos Amp or whatever its called, I simply have a button to call the URL Scheme for the Sonos App.

What I have found is that the greatest advantage to using Roomie on an iPad is that you can integrate other apps via URL scheme. Radarscope is a great example also for weather radar. Roomie is my main app all the time, but I use it to call up other apps when another app is a better user interface or display for a given task.