How to determine the dropbox account

I set up my brothers remote some time ago. I created a dropbox account for him and linked the remote to it and am able to do backups OK.

I now wish to set up another device for him and restore the backup but I did not write down the dropbox account name nor do I remember it.

Is there any way through the simple control gui on the device to see what dropbox account the device is linked to?

Thanks for any help.

Nope. The way they work, you type your Dropbox account into the Dropbox app, not into Simple Control. We never get any information on what that is. But of course, assuming you haven’t changed everything, running the Dropbox app should show it.

Thank you.

OK, I will look into that, thanks.

The backup is put into a specific folder though in the Dropbox account.

There is no way to change the folder.

What I do to keep multiple configs is let Roomie do a backup, then I COPY that folder to one with a name for me to remember what I was testing.

To restore a specific config, I rename to the original name, exit the app, reload the app and then do the restore