How to enable 2.4 TiVo Program Control and DVR Guide?

I just upgraded to the new 2.4 Roomie Remote version and I am trying to figure out how to use the new TiVo Program Control and DVR Guide features. On initial launch of 2.4 it stated I would need to remove old TiVo devices and activities to enable new features. I performed this task and it looks exactly the same. How do I enable the changes or where should I see them? I am using a Tivo Roamio.

No need to remove an Activity. The new TiVo device is labelled as a “Roamio/Premiere” when you tap Add Device. After adding the device, make sure to heed the on-screen warning that you must enter the TiVo MAK on the device page just as you would in the TiVo app. When that is entered and saved, reassign the Opens Remote setting for any existing TiVo-associated Activities to the new device.

Thank you.

My TiVo Roamio still shows up as “TiVo Media Player Series5.” Is there any setup on the actual TiVo device that needs to be done before I can add the new device? All the old features still work fine, I’m just not able to add the new device as described above.

My software version is 20.4.1-USA-6-846 and the device is the same base TiVo Roamio model you have pictured in your announcement.

There’s an issue with auto-discovery for the new TiVo control. We will get that corrected as soon as possible. Please continue to use the normal TiVo control until then.

Thank you.

2.4.1 is going live right now (it takes a few hours for all of the App Store’s worldwide servers to synchronize) and resolves this issue.

Thank you.

2.4.1 resolved the issue, thanks for the quick turnaround on an awesome product!