How to launch the Comcast Xfinity TV Remote

I like the DVR management through the Xfinity App better than launching in a web browser so I started looking at the xfinitytv.ipa and found the url handler.

Install the Comcast Xfinity TV Remote via itunes and configure

Create a new activity or place in an existing, you can even make it one of your startup commands

Edit/add new activity, select add command

choose url, click url and enter: xfinitytv://

in the opens box, select “in safari”

save your changes


same can be done with the paid plex app in the app store if you have a plex media server that you want to control in something other than the remote or your web browser. The paid app is much quicker than the web experience and you can set it to play on your media server by default instead of your local device (ipad or iphone). The magic url is:



Anyone know if there is a custom URL for the Time Warner app?

dshollis - I was unable to launch the twc tv app