How to turn off Apple TV

When I power off my living room (turn off LG OLED TV, Yamaha receiver, etc.), I would like the Apple TV to power down as well. Right now, there is a Roomie command “Long Press Home,” which brings up an option on the Apple TV to “Sleep all devices.” Then, I use the Roomie command “Cursor Enter,” which works on the remote interface, but doesn’t work during the shutdown routine. Does anybody know why “Cursor Enter” doesn’t work, or know of another way to turn off the Apple TV. The problem is that the new LG OLED just pops right back on if there is still a signal from the Apple TV. I’ve disabled all of the CEC settings in my system, but I just can’t get the thing to go off and stay off.

My suggestion is that powering off Apple TV is a huge waste of time. It’s really not designed for it and it’s basically a joke. Fixing the HDMI-CEC issue that is auto-powering your LG should be significantly easier. That’s just a matter of checking your settings on the TV and Apple TV.

Right after replying to your response, I deleted and reinstalled the LG TV in Roomie. The prompted me to enter a pairing code, and now everything works. Not sure why the TV didn’t do that the first time, but at least it’s fixed now!