How to use mce

I’m very excited to hear about the use of MCE with roomie! Is there any documentation on how I get it working?





Hey I was just about to start a thread on this.


I’m totally confused about how to get the mouse/keyboard working.

Note that if you are using a custom command set, you would need to update your command set with the enclosed .MOUSE commands. Just add each .MOUSE line at the top to your version to enable the mouse control.

When you have the correct commands in your set, or if you’re using the defaults, just tap the screen button at the top of the Virtual Remote to activate mouse control mode.

Thank you.

thank you for the response but im not sure what I have to do with that file can you give me a little bit more on how to make this work?

If you’ve never used the custom code set from support before, then you wont need it to get mouse support working. Just add it the usual way as per the IP Compatibility list.

The file above is just to help the many users to whom we’ve provided that command set in the past an easy way to update their custom commands for MCE Controller.

Thank you.

That is VERY COOL. Thanks for implementing that!