How to use PJREQ as username for JVC projector

In the notes section of the IP compatibility for JVC, it says that PJREQ must be use as the username, but where it should be used?

When I am creating the device, I do not see any field to enter the username.

Help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

This is a bit confusing right now pre-2.1. We deployed a new “IP” set that is designed for Roomie 2.1 and should not be used until then. There are two sets right now. Pre-Roomie 2.1 select “D-ILA Serial” for both Serial and IP control. With 2.1 or later, select IP or Serial as appropriate.

If anyone already set this up prior to a couple weeks ago when that set was deployed, no changes are required.

Thank you.

Thanks for your response.

I am using D-ILA Serial and now I can control the projector.