How To Use the Roomie Forums

By popular demand, we have added forums to the website to enable users to discuss topics with each other and to preserve an online history of tips related to Roomie. We will chime in here often, but as always for direct support, submitting a support request is the correct method. Posting here does not guarantee a support response, but using the support contact system does.

Items posted here that become support requests or are redundant with existing forum information and thus better handled via support may be removed to avoid duplication of responses.

All posts are moderated and may be condensed or removed if they are not contributing to the conversation. Bumps of your own posts are prohibited and may eventually result in a ban.

General ettiquette is required. Content may be edited or removed. This is a support forum, not a public bazaar. Anything that doesn’t constitute useful and constructive support-related content for Roomie will be removed. Support tickets for which you would like Roomie Support assistance should be submitted to support via the Contact Support button in Roomie’s Settings, not posted to the forums.

Thank you.

Thanks for the great support!