HR25-100 DirecTV receiver

Hello All-

I am trying the 7 day trial of Roomie to see if I want to get rid of my Logitech Remote and use an iPad mini instead. I have searched and searched but can’t seem to find an answer to this question…

I am using an HR25-100 DirecTV receiver and according the compatibility chart on this site Roomie is compatible with this device can someone tell me how I get Roomie to see it so I can control it?

All help is greatly appreciated!


This isn’t going to be a Roomie question, it’s a DirecTV question. How various DirecTV boxes get on the Internet can be complicated and the answers for such questions will be found via AT&T forums/support.

Once you have the device on the network, go to Devices in Roomie and use the + button at top right and use the discover on local network function which should find it. Refer to the Roomie guides for more details. Hope it works for you…

Hi, I have one just like it, you can use an infrared device control, you will find it easily, this is offered on the roomie romote page, it is my first participation in a forum, I hope my answer will serve you.


I was able to use IP Control on the H25 DirecTV receiver. After some research I found this device:

DIRECTV Broadband Deca Ethernet to Coax Adapter DCAU1R0-01

I paid $10.00 on eBay for it; connected it to the receiver and it works flawlessly for IP Control of the receiver. I hate IR Control that is one of the main reasons I am trying to use roomie remote to control everything.

Hope this helps someone else!