HTD MCA-66 Multi-Zone Controller/Amplifier

I saw the archives had a request for volume feedback support on the MCA-66 Is that something that could be added?!


I second the request. Thank you. Tim


yes please! +1

This is one of the Best Multi-Zone systems for the money…can we please support the volume feedback???

I would pay extra for this.

Please add this!

Yes, I need volume feedback support on the HTD MCA-66 too.

Me Too!

Feedback for volume would make my system comlplete and Wife friendly!

We need this as well. More that happy to pay for it if that will expedite this.

I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here - but will feedback ever be supported with this device? As a legacy user I am happy with the 4.5 version as it handles all 21 of my devices flawlessly. The lack of feedback is really a thorn in my home audio control - but it is one I have lived with for more than 5 years now. Is it safe to say you guys are not interested in this device for feedback?

Adding feedback properly usually requires the actual hardware to test against, and then we need to against it on an ongoing basis as well. We don’t have this HTD model at present and I can’t recall seeing them at trade shows or other opportunities where we meet vendors and figure out how to arrange test hardware. Anyway, this is not so much a matter of users wanting it as a logistical matter of this vendor is not too visible and so we have not had an opportunity to get hardware from them.

OK - thanks for the reply Will.

I have spoken recently with Chris Ashmore over at HTD and they would be happy to talk with you in greater detail as they see this request at least once per month.

If you are interested I can PM you his contact details.

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Absolutely. Please do.

PM Sent. Hopefully you guys can work something out! Looking forward to hearing about the results!