HTTP control of Rako Lighting

I’ve just changed my lighting over from Lutron to Rako and I’m looking at ways of controlling it. I’ve added and successfully have working custom command codes for RS232 and TCP but it’s a bit long winded in that I have to pass several commands to change scene. Fortunately they allow control with HTTP which is a single command however I’m struggling to create the right custom commands as http is not my forte.

I’m coding it as;

codes CENTRES GET // rako.cgi?house=4&room=1&com=3 SEATING GET // rako.cgi?house=4&room=1&com=4 FADE SEATING GET // rako.cgi?house=4&room=1&com=5 OUTERS ONLY GET // rako.cgi?house=4&room=1&com=6 ALL OFF GET // rako.cgi?house=4&room=1&com=0 method http brand Rako cat Bridge type 12

but it’s not working. What have I missed or got drastically wrong?



The samples for HTTP in the DDK provide a good template for commands like that to show you exactly what we point out here. In your case the issue is that you don’t need any of the “GET //” part. Removing that from the commands will cause them to be correct. However, you also have some special characters that don’t look escaped. Xcode handles that for you. If you’re looking at this in a text editor, those ampersands should be & amp; (without the space) not raw characters.

Thank you.

The example in the DDK uses URL as the first line and I took it to mean the whole URL.

I’m using a PC and Edit Pad Lite. In copying over the codes that I was using the text editor here seems to have translated it. It is definitely & in the codes.

Changes done and it’s all working now.

Many thanks for the very quick response on a Sunday.