Hunter Douglas Powerview 2

Is there any support available for latest Hunter Douglas Powerview hubs. They have Alexa working on it - Simple Control integration would be great and make sense for more complete lighting and climate control.

I got this working with the help of the support team. There is no official support for Hunter Douglas, but I got something rudimentary working that is able to activate scenes from within Simple Control. There is an http interface to the gen 2 powerview hub. What it does not do is discovery right now, so you have to manually run an http command to get the scene IDs for your particular installation:

http://[IP address of hub]/api/scenes

Then you can make this work in a few ways. The absolute easiest that doesn’t require any usage of the DDK is to create custom URL buttons (or add custom start/stop commands that don’t require a button) to activate individual scenes. The http is just:

http://[IP address of hub]/api/scenes?sceneId=[scene ID]

so for example it would look like this:

You can test this just in any browser from any device connected to your WIFI. Make sure you capitalize the I in sceneId or it won’t work.

If you want to get a little fancier, you can create a “code set” using the DDK and then add a device manually that will show up as a real device, but you still have to either harcode the scene IDs, or add a special scene command where you end up specifying the scene Id in the button definition.

Either of these approaches is a good stop-gap until they get official support for it. The first approach (URL commands) is probably the way to go - much simpler, and no need for the DDK. There may be a way to add individual shade manipulation with different http commands, but I think the scene approach lends itself better to integration with Simple Control.

Good luck!


Thanks very much for that. I had the command syntax slightly off when I tried the http approach. I think I was also trying to control at the device level. It’s been a while since I tried it. This should help.
I used the same approach to successfully get control of a pool/spa/lighting using the Autelis pool controller.