Hunter Douglas Powerview

Can you provide support for Hunter Douglas Powerview Motorized window treatments?

Below are some links with some information: … on/support … 15_1_0.pdf

I would second that request. The gen 2 hubs now have an HTTP interface - they no longer support serial. It doesn’t appear that Hunter Douglas has officially released the API to the public, but people have reversed engineered it. Here is one site that attempts to do this:

(although it seems to have some errors - for example, the scene activation command is slightly off where it lists as …sceneid= instead of …sceneId=)

With the help of support, I was able to create a code set using the DDK and created a manual IP device, but I had to hardcode the scene IDs. So I would like to request support for discovery of the scenes (basically very basic native support for Hunter Douglas), since there is no way to do that with the DDK now. The http commands that would need to be supported are really, really simple:

http://[IP address of hub]/api/scenes

returns the list of scenes. Activating a scene is also really easy (the part I have working myself):

http://[ip address of hub]/api/scenes?sceneId=[scene ID]

If we just had this very basic support for these two http commands, it would totally solve it for me since I use only scenes with my hunter douglas shades. Scenes are by far the easiest and most reliable way to deal with Hunter Douglas shades anyway, so this would be a great first step for most people I would imagine. Even if people don’t have scene controllers, scenes work from the iphone app and can be set up and managed that way. It doesn’t look like HomeKit support is coming, as all mention seems to have been removed from the Hunter Douglas site.