iBeacon support

I’d like to request that you integrate iBeacon support into Roomie. The feature I’d specifically like to see are:


a) Tie a room to an iBeacon so the app automatically ‘starts’ in the room you are in

b) Ability to perform a command when an iBeacon is seen. E.g. my Living room iBeacon is seen so I can automatically start my Sonos music in that room

c) Exit commands (if a new beacon is seen the ability to have the prior seen beacon do an off command, e.g. I leave my living room and I have my Sonos pause until I return)


The iBeacon hardware is getting very cheap (from $10 to $35 per room) so this will quickly go from ‘huh’ to ‘cool’ this year, Roomie can help drive that wave…




I agree. This would add a lot of possibilities to eliminate unnecessary button taps and add some very cool automatic features to Roomie.