Icloud synchronization

I am using roomie on my and my wife’s iphone. I have a different set up on mine. I have more activities and more control on mine than my wife’s. I would like to use the icloud synchronization to be able to have activity memory. But when I use that option, all my set up is transfered to my wife’s phone. Is there any way to prevent that?


If you want to synchronize two devices, they must share a configuration. The concept of synchronizing devices doesn’t really work if you don’t want to use the same configuration.

My entire family shares the same Apple ID for store purchases on multiple ios devices. These devices use different icloud accouts however for addresses, calendars, etc. If I have Roomie config identical on all ios devices (via Dropbox) and I turn on the icloud syncronization on all of these devices, will the devices stay in sync ((i.e. know the activity that is open) based upon the store Apple ID or not because they differ in icloud accounts attached to each ios device. Ty.

Synchronization via iCloud is based on the account you have set for iCloud. If you need to use separate iCloud accounts, Dropbox Synchronization can also be used but does not support live Activity Memory.